Why Warehouse Drones are a BAD IDEA (Webinar)

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22 Minute Warehouse Webinars

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Your time is valuable, that's why Vimaan webinars are concise and to the point.

This webinar details the fundamental flaws in using drones in warehouse environments, the dangers, added costs and hidden dependencies on your workers.

After spending 5 years deploying warehouse drones in some of the busiest facilities in North America, Vimaan has collected countless amounts of flight hours documenting the benefits and challenges of warehouse drones.  

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  "Why Warehouse Drones are a Bad Idea" includes:

The Risks and Limitations of warehouse drones.

Why Warehouse Drones will NEVER be in the lights-out warehouse.

More efficient alternatives to cycle count automation



And Much More


Before investing in drones better understand how they work in the warehouse environment from the solution provider that flew more missions than any other company in North America from 2018-2023.