Warehouse Receiving Automation
Getting Started Guide

Download this getting started guide to learn how your warehouse receiving can benefit from automation:

  • 10X increase in speed of pallet and parcel processing
  • Improve quality of inspections and documentation
  • Reduce receiving and shipping costs and headcount

Download the Getting Started Guide

Slow barcode reading, data entry, dimensioning and visual inspections are highly manual and lead to the most congested area of the warehouse.

Warehouses still relying on expensive labor for pallet and parcel receiving can improve the speed and quality through the use of automated receiving using Vimaan computer vision.  Sample benefits include:

  • Automated reconciliation with your WMS or ERP
  • Processes pallets more than 10X faster than labor dependent processes
  • Scans ALL 5 SIDES of pallets and packages
  • Inspects for damages and dimensions packages
  • Reads 1D/2D barcodes AND human readable text

Best of all - Vimaan receiving and shipping solutions are easily integrated into your existing processes and requires >50% less labor!

While most warehouse automation solutions deliver ROI in years, Vimaan customers achieve returns in months!

Find out what the top 3PLs have been doing to improve their inventory accuracy and learn if you qualify as well.