2023 Reverse Logistics Automation

Download this 20-page getting started guide to learn how your  reverse logistics strategies and processes can benefit from automation:

  • Immediate decrease in shipping errors
  • 70% reduction in customer order fulfillment complaints
  • 50% reduction in time spent retrieving order fulfillment documentation
  • Improve the flow and tracking of returned goods

Download the Reverse Logisitics Guide

Managing customer returns can be even more costly than forward logistics, forcing retailers and warehouses to improve their reverse logistics capabilities.

Customer return trends have been exploding and retailers and warehouses are paying the price.  The 2023 Reverse Logistics Automation Guide offers new information that can help shape the way you handle returns, preserve value in returned goods and optimize these processes THIS YEAR! This reverse logistics guide details:

  • Automation to assist in reducing returns
  • Labor saving processes that deliver improved efficiencies and reduces number of associates
  • What's driving the rise in reverse logistics and how can you decrease the number of overall returns
  • How to improve the overall tracking of items the second they enter the warehouse to the second it leaves.

Best of all - Vimaan reverse logistics solutions are easily integrated into your existing processes and requires >50% less labor!

While most warehouse automation solutions deliver ROI in years, Vimaan customers achieve returns in months!

Find out what the top 3PLs have been doing to improve their inventory accuracy and learn if you qualify as well.