Cycle Count Automation Guide 

Download this 24-page getting started guide to learn how your cycle counting strategies and processes can benefit from automation:

  • Immediate improvements in
    inventory accruacy
  • Reduce Headcount and improve
     cycle count efficiencies
  • +10X Faster Scanning goods

Get Your Cycle Count Guide

Find out how other warehouses have improved their inventory accuracies to over 99%, while reducing cycle count headcount. 

SPOILER: It's Not By Using Drones!

The Cycle Count Automation Guide delivers insight not available anywhere else:

  • Top 5 Ways to Improve Inventory Accuracy
  • The Truth Behind all WMS's 
  • The Rise and Fall of Warehouse Drones
  • Overcoming Cycle Count Challenges
  • Automation Solutions That Scan 300' long aisles in under an hour!

Best of all - Vimaan cycle count solutions are easily integrated into your existing processes and requires >70% less labor!

While most warehouse automation solutions deliver ROI in years, Vimaan customers achieve returns in months!

Find out what the top names in retail have been doing to improve their inventory accuracy and learn if you can as well.